Executive Summary

ARRA Technologies Ltd. brings together a team of technology and business visionaries who steer the organization towards its ultimate goal. ARRA is one of the leading specialist in Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Offering dynamic services and specialized support, we are committed to provide comprehensive solutions and services to mid-market businesses and focused on strategic consulting services to enterprises. As an ICT services focused company we provide end-to-end solutions and needs-driven consultation. In short, we help dynamic organizations align their IT services with their business requirements.

Aims & Values

At ARRA, we aim to provide our clients with the support, training and tools they need to leverage their technology investment and grow their organization.

We value Excellence in customer service.

Our commitment to customer service is second to none. As a client of ARRA Technologies Limited, you can feel confident and secure knowing we are there to help you with the simplest request through to the most complex operational emergency.

Company Profile – Overview

ARRA Technologies Limited is an independent and non-governmental company, licensed and registered by its local Government in Bangladesh and maintaining the operation from 2009.
Currently, Our Company is dealing with a wide range of products and materials in order to develop the commercial and industrial sector in Bangladesh. We import verity of products, Materials and devices within the international standards and specifications as per customer requirement.
In the near future we will expand and develop more the scope of trade and industry, in order to increase the number of customers and encourage the customers to work together with credibility and sincerity for the development of trade and industry in Bangladesh.
As a general growing Supplier/Trading Company we are unique in that we can offer the most comprehensive range of products and services in the country. Our unique selling proposition is that we provide services across the board and encompass all facets of the corporate industry, and treat each and every client, contract and order with the same level of information and intellectual operations. Our capacity, flexibility and differentiation in our service offering are core to our success.
We have a high metabolic rate that sets the pulse rate of our business and which in turn inspires and energizes our clients. We always provide a passionate and well thought out point of view. And we are obsessed with creating an outcome that will make a difference in the marketplace.
We have also forged partnerships with Globally renowned manufacturers, suppliers and industry leaders from USA, Australia, Germany, Austria, UAE, Turkey, China, Belgium, Belarus, India and combined resource in attaining partnerships in global commodity sourcing in attaining company growth.
Our BUSINESS is to provide complete delivery for the people to effectively express their ideas. We utilize every means of communication and select the most efficient methods of delivery to close the distance between us.
We look forward to the opportunity to review your project needs and discuss how Innovative International can affect better to your business. Satisfaction of clients is our greatest reward.


Being a Bangladeshi company, our vision is to

  • Become a leading provider for General Supplies/Trading with leading brand products.

  • Gain nationwide recognition.

  • Deliver high quality Products and customer services.

  • Form a long-term partnerships Relation with our clients.

  • Build a dynamic and growing business model which will create a vibrant environment for our people.


Our Mission is very Clear:

  • To engage and listen carefully to our clients in order to best understand their needs.

  • Empower clients to achieve their business objectives and operational efficiency

    Ensuring best-in-class consulting

  • Giving them best solutions and sharing our industry knowledge and expertise to turn goals into ultimate value for our employees, clients and partners.


Our dedicated team values:

  • Innovation & Integrity

  • Commitment

  • Sharing and growing

  • Respect our Clients.

  • Thoughtful and Responsible.

  • Honest and fair in deliverables.

  • Delivering on commitments.

Our GOAL is to develop and maintain relationships. We believe that working together with clients and attaining trust in each other will contribute to a better product. Our customers include large corporations with sales, local companies with ties to our community, sole proprietors with niche products, and nonprofit organizations with a mission; all who trust us with their reputation

Quality Assurance Deliver the goods and products safely Competitive prices Compliance of the specifications
Quality Assurance supply all products and goods ordered by customers under the conditions of Quality Assurance Agreement between the Innovative International company and its customers and clients. Innovative International ensures the products meet the agreed specifications and quality. Deliver the goods and products safely to the customers on time to the right place, avoid transportation and shipping delay. All deliveries have to be identified generally with barcodes and logo on the packing slip according to the customer’s request. Our company has a plan to licensed office in CHINA so that We can get best offers prices against the requested products by customer from the main source and factories. Innovative International always ensures the customers that all the ordered products are free of defects, damages and fully functional. Damage or malfunction of the products will be directed to Innovative International.

Our Team

Our greatest asset is the PEOPLE who work at our company (ARRA Technologies Limited) and individually, they have skill, experience, and respect for their work. They work well as a team, and with you, in their desire to achieve.

Our People have built successful and reputational name throughout all areas we operate in and beyond that have not only changed lives but empowered the business communities of the areas we worked with. Innovative International Board, Managers, personnel & administrative staff work together to provide effective products, solutions and services to our clientele. As a growing Company employer, we compensate and promote each employee based on his or her skills during their tenure with the company.

Employee Relations –
We consider our workforce as one of our key assets and attribute our success to their relentless hard work, dedication and enthusiasm. We strongly believe that healthy employer-employee relationships promote productivity, motivation and morale of the workforce.
Our employee relation specialists explain policies, managers, advise employees and management on issues concerning them. Special focus is given to resolve internal problems, maintain positive relations and strike a balance between the needs of the employee and that of the Company.

Finally, ARRA adopts an internal resource within HR department to in making sure employees are consulted on;

  1. New & Existing Policies
  2. Benefit & Packages
  3. Contracts & Negotiations
  4. Compliance with industry Standards & applicable laws

Health, Safety & Quality

ARRA Technologies Limited maintains a healthy, safe and pollution-free work environment at all our sites & Clients sites. We have a legacy of executing complex process. Challenging business requires precision and vigilance. An injury-free track record because of excellent safety standards, competent and effective management skills, and timely delivery of all our business have been the company’s forte.
Safety measures that the company has knitted into the framework of functioning take into account perceived risk, practicality, compliance with regulations and recognition of social norms.

Our company’s commitment to society is firmly rooted in its endeavors to business both life and the environment. Our corporate policies promise the best in regional health, safety and environment guidelines. Our dedication to the health and safety of our employees guides our course of action. We strive to minimize accidents and occupational health hazards. Safety is an integral part of our operations.

We are a proactive Energy company, providing positive, effortless and enjoyable business acumen and related experiences. Our completed petroleum products, solutions and services provide the best example of the skills in our many years of operations.

Innovative International was founded on the principle of achieving excellence in every aspect of our business and developing long lasting relationships. Since inception, we have engaged in successful business relations with all our clientele in a manner that is prudent and with utmost deliverance of excellence.

Innovative International success, business and works are based on our goal to exceed our customer’s expectations. We have a proven track record for satisfying customers as evidenced by an exceptional amount of repeat business since our inception. Our reputation can be attested by the proof relationships cemented by our customers.

Quality Assurance

In addition, safety and quality components are built into our short interval business schedules. Through in-house process teams, we seek ways to improve our operations. Customer surveys often suggest areas of improvement which has been practice in all our business. Our management and supervisors meet regularly to share their best practice experiences and conformance to industry standard practices. Process teams have and constantly studied and have made recommendations for short interval production scheduling thus increasing constant business improvement though out the year.

Management Committee

Why ARRA Technologies Limited……?

At ARRA Technologies Limited, we have a passion for Business in Government and Non-Government sector directly from selected manufacturers in the countries of origin. We have developed close relationships with manufacturers and suppliers in and around the Globe including USA, UK, CHINA & EUROPIAN Countries like Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Austria, Belgium, Italy & France. ARRA maintains long-term partnership relation with its selected partners, enabling to reach optimal trade fluidity and consistency in price and quality trade fluidity and consistency in price and quality.

In response to these needs, we’ve continued to invest vastly in our services offerings and capabilities to provide the utmost flexibility to our clients. Through our Services Continuum, we have the ability to consult, build efficient engineering projects while offering unmatched Distribution support and managed services solutions for our clients today, but also provide them with the assurance that that we are well-placed to address their requirements for enhancement, growth and innovation in the future.

We recognize that there are many competent & firms one can work with, but that, ultimately, its people and culture that make the difference. So, when all key criteria are met, we know that people would like to work with a firm with which they can build a long-term relationship based on trust, collaboration and understanding.

 Best solution every time

ARRA works in collaboration with their clients to design, deploy, operate, and improve the IT services that are essential to their businesses

Long-term associations 

ARRA boasts partnerships, reseller agreements and long-term associations with both local and international technology partners

Deliver on time and in budget

Using a consultative approach, our experts identify which areas of our clients business can benefit from our services.