Communication Equipment’s

Communication or Telecommunications equipment refers to hardware used mainly for telecommunications such as transmission lines, multiplexers and base transceiver stations. It encompasses different types of communication technologies including telephones, radios and even computers. Our Modern Enterprise Communication & networking equipment connects systems and technology in the consumer and business sectors, and also connects private data, voice networks and public switched telephone networks (PSTNs).

ARRA Technologies Ltd. Have a great skill of The different kinds of telecommunications equipment are as follows:

  1. Public switching equipment – analog and digital equipment
  2. Transmission equipment – transmission lines, base transceiver stations, multiplexers, satellites, etc.
  3. Customer premises equipment – private switches, modems, routers, etc.
  4. Airport Communication Equipment’s
  5. Onboard Vehicle Communication Systems


We ARRA Technologies Ltd begun to cooperate with some of well know Testing equipment and Testing machine manufacturers from America, Europe & Japan. And ARRA Technologies ltd. has some principle company Over there and being an agent specially providing below Machine and Equipment’s.

1. Universal Testing Machine 4. Material & Compression Testing Machine
2. Electromechanical Testing Machine 5. Torsion Testing Machine
3. Hydraulic Testing Machine 6. Calibrator


ARRA Technologies Ltd. leading role in industrial machinery’s, Tools and equipment comes from the synthesis of a highly skilled workforce, excellent support resources for R&D and a long-standing engineering tradition from Different Principle from different countries – ARRA Mainly focus on supplying some selected area of Machineries:

1. Laser Engraving Machine 4. CNC Milling Machines
2. Lathe Machines 5. CNC Turning Center
3. CNC Machineries (2 Axis/3 Axis/4 Axis/5Axis) 6. Grinding Machines


Night vision & thermal, monocular and other viewing devices allow you to spot your target when visibility is low and during the night. Here, we supply a range of top-quality models of Night vision equipment’s from leading manufacturers from different countries including ATN, COBRA, Nit site, Night master, Seek Thermal and Tracer. ARRA is committed to providing Local customers with professionalism and competitive infrared thermal imaging products and solutions. The main products include:

1. Thermal Detector 5. Binoculars
2. Thermal Module 6. Lab & Science
3. Hunting 7. Monoculars
4. Fever Screening 8. Rangefinders


Scuba Diving Equipment and Gear:

1. Diving Mask and Snorkel. Since your eyes aren’t designed to see underwater, one of the most important pieces of equipment to have is the diving mask. … 5. Depth Gauge, Submersible Pressure Gauge (SPG), & Compass. …
2. Wetsuit or Dry suit. … 6. Regulator. …
3. Scuba Gloves. … 7. Scuba Tank. …
4. Fins. … 8. Dive Computer.


1. Dive lights 5. Ultra boxes
2. Dive Knife 6. Camera Accessories
3. Hangers 7. Rescue Kife
4. Parts & Accessories


At ARRA we pride ourselves in being an advanced maritime solution provider in Rigid Inflatable Boats. We bring concepts to reality, providing you with the solution to your most complex needs.
With a multitude of selections, seating configurations and accessories, every rigid Inflatable boat is tailored built for the purpose it is intended for. Every Boat is built to the highest specifications and standards, whether the requirement calls for USCG Sub Chapter T certification, Military and Naval specifications, SOLAS rescue or a family recreational boat.
The philosophy of Safety, Quality, Design, Innovation and performance, incorporated into each manufactured Rigid Inflatable Boats.

1. Military Boat 2. Professional Boat 3. Amphibious Boat

Tent (High Endurance Rig)

We provide “One-Stop” tent solutions for our customers by different combinations of aluminum alloy tents.
Our company’s business includes designing, producing, selling, leasing of large tents, and research and development of tent supporting facilities.
We provide tent solutions for large outdoor exhibitions, romantic wedding banquets, large warehouse, sports events, tourism, leisure, tent hotels, large concert, and other occasions.
The product types include Gazebo Tent, Clear Span Tent, Large Clear Span Tent, Curved Tent, APS Tent, Dome Tent, Archy Tents, Polygon Tent, and other Mixed Type Tent.

Security & Surveillance Equipment’s

Security cameras are typically used for crime/vandalism deterrence, traffic monitoring, and transport safety. There are many different types of security cameras on the market, ranging from high-end, high-tech cameras employed by the military and various industries to the more economical versions often seen in convenience stores. These cameras are designed to meet different needs and environmental conditions.



Defense Clothing