ARRA Technologies Ltd. brings together a team of technology and business visionaries who steer the organization towards its ultimate goal. ARRA is one of the leading supplier of Bangladesh Defence Sector including Bangladesh ARMY, NAVY & AIRFORCE. We are the supplier/Agent/ importer of various Defense Equipment’s in Bangladesh from different countries and operating in this sector for the last more than 10 years. We mainly supply to Government Sectors, Military Sectors, Para- Military Sectors, Semi-Government Sectors, and Non-Government Sectors.

ARRA have the authorization of supplying items in Bangladesh Military Services and for our military level through DGDP (Directorate General of Defense Purchase) we are having the license of DGDP (Ref: 06.06.0000.207.07.5718.19)

DGDP (Director General Defence Purchase) is a purchase wing of Bangladesh ARMY/NAVY/AIRFORCE near Dhaka Cantonment. After the war in 1971 DGDP started its odyssey in humble way to effect purchases of defence stores and material from indigenous sources and abroad against demands of the three services:

1. Army Wing-1 & 2
2. Navy Wing &
3. Air force Wing and other defence organizations and disposal of surplus serviceable, obsolete and obsolescent stores.

Army Wing-1 is generally responsible for the procurement of all types of Control stores such as Tank, APC, Vehicle, Gun/Howitzer, Ammunition etc and Un-control stores such as Tent, Parachute, Spare Parts etc except personal clothing i.e; uniform items. This wing is headed by Director Purchase 1 (DP-1). Under him there are 02 x Deputy Director Purchase, (DDP-1 and DDP-2) and 04 x Assistant Director Purchase (ADP). Army Wing-1 consists of 05 x Purchase Sections Namely Purchase Section-1, Purchase Section-2, Purchase Section-4, Purchase Section-5 and Purchase Section-7. Each Purchase Section is headed by an Assistant Director Purchase (ADP). Purchase Section-1 deals with all types of vehicles and their spares including Tank and APC. Purchase Section-2 deals with all types of signal equipment’s and their spares. Purchase Section-4 deals with all types of armaments, ammunition, explosives and related accessories. Purchase Section-5 deals with all types of general stores. Purchase Section-7 deals with all types of engineering equipment’s special vehicles, aviation equipments and their spares. All the purchase section carries out procurement both in foreign and local currency.

Army Wing-2 of DGDP has total five sections. The details of the sections and their functions are given below:
1. P-3 (A): Deals with the procurement of all types of Electro Medical Equipment’s
2. P-3(B): Deals with the procurement of Medicine & Appliances, Veterinary Medicine, Chemical & Reagents and Disposables Instruments.
3. P-6: Deals with the procurement of ordnance items mainly Boot DMS, Cloth TC, Shoe Oxford, Shoes Canvas, Belt, Caps Waterproof, Vest Cotton, Berets etc.
4. P-8: Deals with the procurement of Food items mainly edible oil, Lentils, Milk powder, POL, LP Gas, Hygiene &Chemical items etc.
5. P-9: Deals with the procurement of Stationeries & Office Equipment, Laptops, desktop Computers, Printers, scanner and PPC machine etc.

DGDP (Naval Wing) is the central procurement entity for Bangladesh Navy. All Indents basing on operational requirements of Ships/Establishment comes from Naval Headquarter are procured by Naval Wing. Naval Wing of DGDP mainly procure Ships/Crafts, Aircraft’s, Helicopters, Submarines, Main Engine, Propulsion System, Engine Control System, Generator, Laboratory Equipments, Medical Equipments, Life Saving Equipments/Apparatus, Diving and Salvage Equipment’s, Fire Fighting Appliances, Weapons, Ammunitions and Explosives, Clothing/ Textiles/Leather items, Dry Provisions, POL, Mechanical Vehicles, spares etc. Naval Wing also procures some common user items like vehicle for all other Forces. Naval Wing has four sections for smooth procurement. Each section deals different categories of items. Naval Wing is supporting Bangladesh Navy to be equipped with modern platforms and technologies for developing three dimensional navy to maintain critical operational readiness at all times and everywhere. At present 05 officers and 25 staffs are employed in this wing.

Air Wing is the procurement agency for BAF. The aim of Air Wing is to procure quality product in right time, right quantity, right quality and right condition within the procedure which must meet the operational requirements of BAF. Air Wing is responsible for procurement of Aircraft, Helicopter, all types of radar, simulator, Arms, ammunition, Avionics, Ground transportation, spare parts against all types of aircraft & radar, Flying clothing, POL etc. Air wing is also responsible for reliving, repair and overhaul of aircraft, helicopter and their engines and up-gradation/modification of different types of radar. Air wing carries out procurement/repair/overhaul both in foreign and local currency