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Where Do I Look For “Frequently Asked” Questions?2017-03-20T11:12:29+06:00

Your inbox and customer support tickets will likely be the first place you should look.

But you should also anticipate objections that you can turn into questions, especially if the answer will put your customer’s mind at ease.

Consider how you can strategically raise the right questions to educate customers about your products and create demand.

When deciding how to choose the questions you’ll include in your FAQ section, focus on relevancy, utility and opportunities to turn that question into a path to further engagement or conversion.

When Is an FAQ Page Appropriate?2017-03-20T11:11:13+06:00

An FAQ page can be a distraction or an asset, depending on how you execute it.

But to ensure that it’s the latter, here are some things to consider when incorporating an FAQ page as part of your website:

  • Customers email you with the same questions on an ongoing basis, so it’s better to address them publicly and prominently.
  • You have or plan to create content/landing pages that you can link to and continue the journey from question to conversion.
  • Your product/service/business raises questions and concerns that are best handled in a straightforward manner.

That last point is especially important as an FAQ page presents a unique opportunity to directly address concerns and remove obstacles on the path to purchase

What is an FAQ Page?2017-03-20T11:10:02+06:00

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section is a part of your website where you address common concerns, questions or objections that customers have.

What’s the purpose of an FAQ page?2017-03-20T11:07:35+06:00

To address frequently asked questions about your business, of course.

Actually, that’s only part of it.

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